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Good things to come.

My inaugural blog post with a brief outline of what's to come.

Well, this is finally happening, I’m writing a blog; a little late to the party I know.

I wanted to start with a quick post about myself, what this is all about and why I’m putting this together.

So, I’m Tom Snow. I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in the, usually sunny, New Forest in the UK. I graduated 10 years ago, which on one hand feels like a lifetime ago, and yet also like yesterday. In the last decade I have learned a lot about design, creativity, the creative industries, and even about myself.

This page will hopefully create a place where I can answer some questions, pose others and showcase some of the lessons I have learned along the way.

My mission here is to help folks get the most out of the creative industries. Both working with and working in the various disciplines.

With that lofty goal set, I am more than aware that I have – like many of us – a host of plates that I’m spinning and projects on assorted back burners. So I won’t be adding content on a super regular basis, though I do have a laundry list of topics and ideas to work through.

Thank you for coming to check this out.

So without too much fanfare, I’ll get cracking with my first article.




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