Tom Snow Logo - Graphic Design and Illustration

Well, hello there!

Hi! As you’ve probably guessed I’m Tom, a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in the (usually) sunny south of England.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade now and I’m happy to say that I’ve learned a few things over this time. I specialise in branding and printed products, though as you can see below, I have several other projects that keep me out of mischief.

Career-wise, in 2012 I graduated with honours in Graphic Design with a long stint working as a graphic designer in the print industry, giving me a fantastic opportunity to work with hundreds of brands and a full appreciation of how to best use print effectively.

During this I started picking up freelance work, starting with smaller jobs but steadily growing to the point where I took the plunge and decided to work for myself.

In the time since I’ve had the pleasure of helping all manner of companies define and refine their brands, helping them broach new markets and achieve their goals, with both printed products and in digital spaces.

A photo of Tom Snow

Other Projects

Beyond my role as a designer, I also have a few other projects that I’ve been working on.

The Clockwork Press Logo

The Clockwork Press is a partner design company specialising in stationery for events.

To allow specific branding and market placement, I decided to separate CWP out to form its own identity.

Stronghammer Games logo

Stronghammer Games is a board game and tabletop gaming studio formed in 2021.

Creating engaging games set in rich environments with unique mechanics and sensory elements.

Project Yeti Logo

Project Yeti is an app development studio I co-founded in 2020, specifically aimed at ways for people to have more meaningful connections in digital spaces.

Isle of Creativity logo

This is a project aimed at teaching creative skills, both practical and theory.

By focusing on design principles and foundations, IoC is aimed at helping people transition into the creative industries and demystifying the aura surrounding them. All the while being useful for sharpening the toolbox of even a seasoned veteran designer.