Tom Snow Logo - Graphic Design and Illustration

Artmap Inc and Hackernoon

Logo Design

I started working with Artmap Inc in 2016. At the time they ran a series of online publications on Medium’s platform.

My task was to re-brand all their publications and to bring them in line with one another, keeping them all distinct yet similar enough to feel like they are all part of the same company.

By looking at Medium and what tools were available how could this be used to create an efficient brand with this limited tool set. It was clear that using a square logo would be best, coupled with a long banner format to make the best use of the space, also integrating key colours into the individual publications would be possible, and a subtle way for maintaining brand identity throughout a page without extensive graphics bloating the experience.

With that in mind I started working through rough ideas for each of the identities.

Logo development for Student Voices
Logo development for Festival Peak
Logo development for Mad Frisco
Logo development for Extra Newsfeed

At this point I was conscious that these designs all needed to be part of a family. To create this I started to set all the elements within a strict grid to create a uniform set of designs, all with the same colours plus one (or two) key colours.

The final result is a family of designs that all work on their own and also fit together with a common thread of design.


"How it's made and how it's distributed. storytelling in the digital age."

This brand already had an established logo and visual ID, so I simply redrew the logo to give us some clean files to work with then reformatted the layout to fit the new style guide.

Extra Newsfeed

"the same political rants you see on Facebook, but they're well written. also half of these stories are satire. let your judgement - and not your newsfeed - determine which half."

The client wanted to reflect a sense of vintage radio broadcasts mixed with modern connectivity, the final logo is stylised anthropomorphic figures based on the image of radio towers.

Festival Peak

"words about experiencing music."

I wanted to use the idea of festivals, tents and music festivals.

By layering up transparencies of mountains, it creates this tent shape in the middle. A flag and some music notes finish the logo.

Fit Yourself

"only you can define fitness. #BodyAndMind"

The analytics for this brand was that most of the users were women and engaged in sport/fitness. With that in mind, I looked at women’s sportswear and using a sample of 100 different top-selling products I  took an average colour sample.

Future Travel

"Covering travel in the new age. Travel writing, travel tech, and travel deals."

I wanted to capture a sense of vintage travel. Looking back to visions of the future from the 50s and 60s I created a logo based on this utopian vision of future travel.

Hacker Noon

"The Best Shit for Hackers at Noon"

The colour for this one was set by the client, which reminded me of using green monochrome computer displays. This lead me on to scanning ray tubes and pixel grids.
I created the pixelated type for this first and went on to create the watch motif in the same style.

Healthcare in America

"The human side of medical care in this country. Bloomberg Index ranks the United States 50th in healthcare coverage despite the fact that it accounts for 17% of our GDP. How do we change it?"

As this was a politically charged brand, at the intersection of politics and healthcare, so too is the logo. Using elements of the US flag as pills.

Keeping Stock

"The internet's impact on the currency. #KeepingStock."

The colour of this is the same as that of the iconic dollar bill.

The logo itself is formed of interconnecting nodes, reflecting both the internet and financial institutions.

Laces Out!!

"This blog is not for heros, the MVPs or the world champions. It's for those who played the game - and lost. Those of us who made the mistakes. The ones out left THE LACES OUT."

The name comes from a scene in Ace Ventura regaling how mistakes were made and a game was lost.

The logo is based on the cookies in that scene and the logo is directly taken from the spray painted background in another scene.

Mad Frisco

"This city is crazed. but what is the craziest thing about San Francisco?"

I wanted to capture the vibrancy and character of San Francisco.
I used the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, International Orange #F04A00, as the base for the palette.

Movie Time Guru

"I enjoy going to the theatre by myself or with a large group of friends or with you, baby.."

This was simply a play on traditional movie theatre Popcorn.

NBA Money

"the game used to pay. it will again"

The colour was from a Spalding regulation ball.

The logo itself was inspired by various sports logos, though this time showcasing a dollar sign.

P.S. I Love You

"Relationships now"

We wanted this one to have a timeless charm to it.
I chose to use a postal stamp style to give it the feel of an old love letter.

The colours are rose pink and the colour of a manilla envelope.

Responsible Business

"how corporations, employees and customers can give back to their communities. we unite nonprofit, for profit and social purpose."

We wanted to form a link between business success and social responsibility.

Small Business Forum

"business owners helping business owners"

We wanted the logo to represent the conversation that Small Business Forum brings.

Student Voices

"Voice is inherent. School is not"

I used an old yearbook photo to create a logo for this publication.

The Counselor Chronicles

"THE LAW explained by lawyers, and people who think they're lawyers."

This logo was based on typefaces traditionally used for broadsheet papers.

3 Questions With

"Profiling those who push commerce, technology, and art forward. structured in 3 direct, profound and brief questions/answers."

This logo was based on typefaces traditionally used for broadsheet papers.


We also created a discreet logo for AMI, based on a coffee mug ring to be used as a watermark.

AMI Logo